Digital Campus

This system gave way for classroom education to enable mass education. Digital Campus seeks to integrate these two important directions in learning. It is a step towards bringing the advances in technology to school and college education at a mass scale, yet retain the personal touch of the gurukul system. With technology enabled administration, teaching and knowledge management, Digital Campus helps schools and colleges deliver mass personalized education.

Digital Campus is a one-stop-solution for an educational institution for all its needs, assuring a clean admission processes, timely collection of fees, disciplined scheduling of classes, accurate processing of results, assuring financial position, assuring parents of child progress, empowering teachers with content tools and much more. Digital Campus is available in several formats - School Edition, College Edition, Training Portal, Parent Portal and Administrative Portal.

Digital Campus helps reduce 'papered' operations of administration and schooling. Reduced efforts in repetitive and administrative tasks helps teachers focus on teaching, creation of notes and guiding students at a personalized level. With the ability to interface with e-learning tools such as Knowledge Repository, Virtual Classroom and Content Management Systems, Digital Campus enahnces the creative output of a teacher.

Digital Campus looks beyond digitization of schools and colleges. It provides a platform for collaboration across campuses. Digital Campus, with its portal services, brings the knowledge of the best teachers and the repository of best learning resources to the students. This reduces the scarcity of good teachers and learning resources.

Digital Campus is a platform for various education services and interschool activities such as Quizzes, Olympiads & competitive tests. This platform is also available for schools to host their services and collaborate with others.

Note: Only registered user can access the Digital Campus website.