The Foundation Stage


The infant school programme for children aged 3 to 5 is called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It is designed to prepare children for the National Curriculum for England, which begins around the age of five years and continues through four stages. These are Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7), Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11),Key Stage 3 (11-14) and Key Stage 4 (14-16).


Throughout the school, the medium of the instruction is English. However, students spend some time learning Arabic, the local language of Qatar.


The child's progress is closely monitored and assessed against the British Early Learning Goals.    


Focused on whole-child development, attention is given to the social development, skills, knowledge and understanding that children need to interact efficiently in a complex and changing world. Children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 are introduced to reading, writing, Science, Mathematics, Information and Communications Technology, Islamic Studies and French through a combination of practical applications, which are strengthened in a positive and stimulating learning environment of kinaesthetic learning, practise and repetition of varied activities.


Children actively participate in the learning process. Speaking and listening skills are developed  through structured play. A regular programme of field trips form part of the school's curriculum.


Supported by a well-resourced library, computer facilities and designated playground areas, children in the Foundation Stage are encouraged to explore and develop their natural abilities and talents.